Have you ever asked yourself which skills our children will need in the future? What will really matter in our world in 10 years from now? 


In a world that is less stable and less predictable than ever before, the needs and skills required have changed! With electronic devices around that can give us answers in less than a second, there is no need anymore to predominantly listen and repeat. So the future needs more besides the traditional curriculum: Children and future adults will need to be able to solve complex problems, think critically, be creative and possess good social skills (people management and dealing with others)*. Additionally, a basic need will be flexibility to change and be emotionally stable!


Let's support our children to be better prepared for the future and provide them with what they need! In a period of their lives where they are little philosophers  full of questions, in a period of discovery, full of social and moral questions !


*Source: World economic forum

Our Montessori 6-12 Educational Concept


“The child's development follows a path of successive stages of independence, and our knowledge of this must guide us in our behaviour towards him. We have to help the child to act and think for himself. This is the art of serving the spirit, an art which can be practised to perfection only when working among children.”

 Maria Montessori, "The Absorbent Mind"


 The Montessori education in the elementary class is a natural continuation of the 3-6 environment that nurtures the curiosity of the child and his natural love of exploring and learning. Between 6 and 12 years, this is the time of developing the imagination and intellect:  the children are naturally inclined to ask not only what but why! They are interested in the origin of the universe, all aspects of culture and community, they ask many moral questions and want to learn more about social relations - like a little philosopher! Children detach gradually from the material and use their imagination to arrive at abstraction. 


Our elementary programme corresponds and responds to this natural curiosity - of course, while respecting the demand of the canton Vaud ("Plan d'Etude Romande").

Our Curriculum

The curriculum sets each child in the center of our activities. The different fields such as geometry, geography, language, biology etc. are presented not as independent disciplines but as interrelated subjects - we want the child to understand the big picture, the interrelations, how things are connected. We usually start with various "Great Stories" providing input to the different fields of study and then invite the child to further explore each of them. The Montessori materials introduced in each lesson support the child to explore abstract concepts and in doing so develop his/her imagination.



“In such a world, more information is about the last thing a teacher needs to convey. The kids already have too much of it anyway. Instead, people need the ability to interpret information, to distinguish between important and unimportant, and, above all, to assemble many important bits of information into a more comprehensive picture of the world.” Y.N.Harari


The task of the teacher is to mentor the child by inspiring it and to invite the child to further explore each field and to engage in the different work: "Help me to think by myself". Class life functions as a little community, giving room for social development and making the child feel  supported and part of their society.


Our aim is to prepare the child academically, socially and emotionally for the needs of the future, our mission is that children will love to come to school, enjoy the work they do and go home with sparkling eyes, fully satisfied with themselves and their day!



Please click here for more details about the curriculum

AMI Montessori

"Help me to think for myself"


This educational theory and guiding principle of Maria Montessori forms the basis of our work. The team helps to unfold the strengths and talents of each individual child with affection and skill.


The Montessori approach provides:

  1. An environment in the class room that serves the particular needs of each child's stage of development.
  2. An adult who understands your child's development and acts as a guide in order to help them to find their own natural path.
  3. Freedom for your child to engage in his own development according to his own timeline

Within this triangle, the aim of the teacher is to create the right circumstances so that your child can be guided to find what he needs from what is on offer. He learns at his own  rhythm and pace focussing on his own individual development needs at that moment.  He then becomes an active learner is able to reach his own unique potential.


The PER (Plan d'Etude Romande) is of course respected.

Full language immersion (English, French & German)

After three years of exposure, children have already acquired a very good level of English and French. Therefore, in the 6-12 yrs. classroom, two teachers are present and consequently your child will be naturally exposed to English and French on a daily base. We follow the one-person-one-language principle so the children can link one language to each person.

Of course, all teachers are AMI Montessori certified. 


Additionally on two afternoons, our experienced AMI German teacher is exposing the children in a natural and explorative way to her language - from the age of 6 years! Starting with lunch, children are spending the whole afternoon in German, followed by a playful, but effective way to learn the language in line with our Montessori principles. Native speakers are separately supported to be on the same level as their friends in the German Grundschule. 


Our classroom consists of over 450 books in all three languages: dictionaries, stories, research books and more! The right book for every reading level or topic.


Health, nature & discovery

“There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature.” Maria Montessori


Especially from the age of 6 years old on, children need to explore what is outside of the classroom. We fulfill this need by spending time outside in our idyllic, spacious park or by going for a long walk, every day and in nearly any weather. This allows our children to explore nature in their own way and to learn how to treat its beauty with respect and care. In addition, we will expand the classroom by having field trips or inviting experts.

Service and flexibility

We know that daily routines are often stressful and tiring. We provide an inspiring experience to our students but, just as important, we ensure a stress-free experience for you as parents. Our offer includes free scheduled transportation to Nyon and the surrounding villages as well as free before-school care starting from 7:30. In addition to that, we offer daily after-school care until 18:00 at an additional cost. Our teachers ensure that you are kept up-to-date on your child's activities and progress. 


The personal touch is very important to us, and the small size of the school makes it possible to react with flexibility to your needs.


Welcome to our Montessori School! Contact us today.


Please find more information about our 6-12 class attached. We are very happy to welcome you for a visit and to present you our campus. 

Please find more information about our 6-12 class attached. We are very happy to welcome you for a visit and to present you our campus. 

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