Our educational concept

AMI Montessori

"Help me to do it by myself"


This educational theory and guiding principle of Maria Montessori forms the basis of our work. The team helps to unfold the strengths and talents of each individual child with affection and skill.


The Montessori approach provides:

  1. An environment in the class room that serves the particular needs of each child`s stage of development.
  2. An adult who understands your child`s development and acts as a guide in order to help them to find their own natural path.
  3. Freedom for your child to engange in his own development according to his own timeline

Within this triangle, the aim of the teacher is, to create the right circumstances so that your child can be guided to find what he needs from what is on offer. He learns at his own  rhythm and pace focussing on his own individual development needs at that moment.  He then becomes an active learner is able to reach his own unique potential. 

Bilingual immersion

We believe in full immersion as the most natural way to acquire a new language. We have two identical classrooms, one with Montessori material in English, the other with Montessori material in French. The class is immersed in the English environment with a English speaking teacher in one week and in the French environment with a French speaking teacher for the following week. Our experienced teachers are native speakers and AMI Montessori certified. We follow the one-person-one-language principle so the children can link one language to every person.


In this way children are immersed in both languages equally irrespective of the starting language level when entering our school.

Health & nature

There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature.Maria Montessori

Every day and in nearly any weather we spend time in our idyllic spacious park or go for a long walk. This let our children explore nature in their own way and to learn to treat its beauty with respect and care.


Our balanced meals are freshly prepared on site by our own cook, with predominantly organic and regional products. Religious and allergy-related restrictions can be accommodated.

Service and flexibility

We know that daily routines are often stressful and tiring. We provide an inspiring experience to our students but just as importantly we ensure a stress-free experience for you as parents. Our offer includes free scheduled transportation to Nyon and the surrounding communities as well as free before-school care as of 7:30. In addition to that we offer daily after-school care until 18:00 at additional cost. Our teachers ensure that you are kept up to date on your child's activities and progress. 


The personal touch is very important to us, and the small size of the school makes it possible to react flexibly to your needs.


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