Deux Mille Feuilles Montessori School.

The team. L'équipe.

Connie Tosch - Director


I am welcoming you to our Montessori school Deux Mille Feuilles! As your first person of contact at school I am very happy to help and support with all your questions and needs. Originally I am a psychologist and a nutritionist with more than 10 years of business experience but found my passion in the field of education and learning.


I am part-time teaching psychology at Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, but also get taught every day by my three little children: about the miracles of life, how to show my love and passion towards them and of course about education. Having lived in Germany, the USA, Austria, France and now in Switzerland has taught me that meeting someone leaves tracks in your heart – a credo I believe in and I am following in my daily life and every interaction.

Bilal Ojjeh - Director


As a father of three, I have seen how transformative Montessori is and I love how child-centric it is, recognising and developing the whole child.  It is amazing how much the latest scientific research on brain and personal development is confirming what Montessori observed over a century ago! 


As an entrepreneur who manages a careers website for top university students and who works with employers from all over the world, I see how fast the world is changing and how much we need to rethink education in order to equip the next generation for the challenges ahead. In addition to and perhaps more than knowledge, I believe we need to help unfold the kids’ self-love, empathy, creativity and natural curiosity.  So that’s why I am such a Montessori-enthusiast and why I would like to grow our school, help other schools and spread this message as widely as possible.

Estelle Bonhoure - Support Administration et Direction


Je suis ravie d’avoir rejoint, en mars 2020, la belle équipe Deux Mille Feuilles et d’apporter mon soutien à la Direction sur la partie administrative et projets.


J’ai découvert l’école Deux Mille Feuilles et la pédagogie Montessori à travers ma fille, scolarisée à l’école dès le cycle 3-6. Son épanouissement personnel ainsi que l’enthousiasme et le dévouement de l’équipe m’ont donné envie de m’y investir de plus en plus.

J’ai donc enfin réalisé cette reconversion qui me titillait depuis quelques années. Après toute une carrière dans les métiers de la Finance d’entreprise, je concilie à travers mes deux métiers actuels deux domaines passionnants: la protection de l’environnement et le développement de l’enfant.


La protection de l’environnement est nécessaire, le développement de l’enfant est primordial puisqu’il sera l’homme de demain! Je suis convaincue que la pédagogie Montessori lui donnera les clefs pour qu’il devienne un être conscient et respectueux! J’en suis tellement convaincue que j’ai voulu personnellement approfondir mes connaissances de la méthode. J’ai donc obtenu le diplôme d’assistante 3-6 ans, en juin 2018, et c’est avec plaisir que je retrouve aussi les enfants en classe, lors de petits remplacements. Aidons nos enfants à penser par eux-mêmes”.

The teachers at Ecole Montessori Deux Mille Feuilles

The 3-6 team 

Liz Caloghiris - Montessori teacher 3-6 


Born in Ireland, mother of five, I studied at the AMI Montessori Institute in London. Earlier in my career I worked with special needs children both in Ireland and the UK. I have been teaching bilingual and multilingual children for more than 20 years. I’ve held my current position, as the English speaking Montessori teacher since 2009.


I believe that all children deserve an education which is tailored to their individual needs, which can help them to become confident and competent in themselves and in their education. This is supported by “Deux Milles Feuilles” Montessori, where the children’s individuality is at the core of our teaching.


Alison Keller - working as Montessori assistant in our English class


Passionate about the Montessori method, I am delighted to work as the assistant in Deux Mille Feuille’s English-speaking classroom.  A native of the United States, I have nearly 15 years’ experience in foreign language education and enjoy seeing our students’ language skills develop right along with their self-confidence, independence, and understanding of the world.  With my own two children in a Montessori school, I am convinced that a Montessori education sets children up with the necessary tools for a bright future.






Sylvie Humphreys - Montessori assistant in our English class


Graduating as an Early Childhood Educator in California in 2006, I have since worked with young children in a variety of settings (Reggio-inspired and Montessori preschools, bilingual immersion programs, and after-school programs) in the USA, Latin America and in France. I first encountered the Montessori method in an idyllic preschool in the Cayman Islands, deepened my understanding of it from the child’s point of view when my son attended a Montessori school in Los Angeles, and finally consolidated my knowledge of this pedagogy by qualifying in Geneva as a Montessori assistant (3-6). I am delighted and excited to join the Deux Mille Feuilles Team and look forward to getting to know you and your children.





Samantha Pinet - Enseignante Montessori 3-6, Petite Enfance HEP 


Je suis enseignante 3-6 depuis 10 ans et également éducatrice de la petite enfance. Travailler avec des enfants a toujours été une véritable vocation.


Je suis une personne passionnée par mon métier et toujours très à l'écoute des enfants et des parents. J'ai étudié en Sciences de l'éducation à l'université de Genève et également à l'école d'éducatrice de la petite enfance. J'ai rencontré la pédagogie Montessori il y a 9 ans et depuis j'utilise cette pédagogie au quotidien avec mes trois enfants. Je trouve que cette méthode constitue la meilleure façon d'apprendre pour les enfants, puisqu'elle respecte chaque individu en lui donnant des clefs de son propre développement.

Lucia Bonanni - Assistante Montessori 3-6


Educatrice sociale de formation, j'ai travaillé dans le domaine du social pendant plusieurs années dans différents pays (Italie, Roumanie, France et Espagne).

J'ai connu la pédagogie Montessori lorsque mon premier enfant est né, en cherchant une autre approche pour l'accompagner dans son apprentissage. Les valeurs de cette pédagogie m'ont tout de suite conquise et depuis je m'en inspire à la maison. Mes enfants, de 10 et 8 ans, sont également scolarisés dans une école Montessori.
Depuis plusieurs années j’envisageais de faire de ma passion mon métier et en 2017 j'ai eu l'occasion de me former en tant qu'assistante Montessori à l’Institut de Formation Maria Montessori (IFMM) à Genève et d'intégrer l'équipe de Deux Mille Feuilles.

The 6-12 team 

Alexandra Trippens - German teacher/ Deutschlehrerin, Montessori assistant teacher 6-12i

My name is Alexandra and I was born in Frankfurt, Germany.  Now, I live in Aubonne with my husband and my two children.

Since more than 8 years, I have been working as a German teacher with children as well as adults. Thanks to my AMI 6-12 Diploma, I feel very confident in the Montessori pedagogy.

Mahatma Gandhi said : "Be the change that you wish to see in the world"

With the help of the Montessori pedagogy, we are able to support our kids to be, what the world needs. Let's give them the chance to do it! 

Boglárka Mira Kovács- Bimbó (Bogi)  - Montessori teacher 3-6 & Montessori assistant teacher 6-12


I am Bogi, I hold a university diploma in education and a Montessori teacher diploma 3-6 years and an AMI assistant teacher diploma 6-12 years. In addition, I have just finalised my C1 English language diploma.


In the course of my career, I worked in a public Montessori school in Budapest for 3 years. In 2015 my passion for a multicultural atmosphere brought me to Switzerland.

I started in the Deux Mille Feuilles team initially in the 3-6 environment in August 2017 and a year later I moved on to the elementary classroom. My passion for learning, for observing children’s development combined with my love for all things creative, I feel, are the basis of my professional character - and I have to add, the highlight of my day is sharing this enthusiasm with the children.

Jeanne Stewart  - Montessori teacher 6-12


Born in South Africa to a multi-cultural family, and having taught and lived all over the world, I am returning to my European roots after teaching for 10 years in the USA. Like the child of 6-12, I am insatiably curios and love to learn about the boundless mysteries of our world.  With my Bachelor’s degree in science and design and my AMI training 6-12 finalized soon at the center that Mario Montessori started, I am passionate about joining students on their journey to develop their full potential.

The next generation will need special tools to excel in the world of tomorrow, and when a child is given the ability to be self-aware, independent, and a creative problem solver, we know we are equipping them with what they need. “The greatest progress of our education system should always be the spontaneous progress of the child.” Dr. Montessori

With our wholistic view of the child, it is not just the mind that will grow, but the intrinsic qualities and values that will make the child into an adult fully conscious of his connections with the world he lives in. 


Joining the family of Deux Mille Feuilles Montessori School, is a great privilege; one I am excited to commit to wholeheartedly.

Mélissa Favier - Enseignante Montessori 3-6 & 6-12


Ainée d’une famille de 5 enfants, c’est après une licence en langues étrangères appliquées, un CAP petite enfance et une année passée en Australie avec des enfants, que j’ai commencé mon parcours en Montessori. J’ai rempli le rôle d’assistante 3-6 ans durant trois ans, puis celui d'éducatrice 3-6 pendant plusieurs années, avec un groupe de transition dans le primaire suite à la fin de ma formation AMI pour éducatrice 6-12 Montessori. 

Formée à la communication non-violente, je suis convaincue que l'écoute des enfants et leur bien-être permettent un apprentissage bienveillant et serein. C’est avec une grande joie que je continue mon parcours dans cette pédagogie par laquelle j’ai trouvé un chemin de vie et d'authenticité. 

The parascolaire team 

Myriam Aralossi - CAP Petite Enfance


Étant diplômée du CAP Petite Enfance, je suis actuellement en stage afin d‘obtenir l‘équivalence Suisse de mon diplôme soit celui d’Assistante Socio Éducative.

De nature calme, compréhensive et souriante, je suis maman de deux enfants de 14 ans et 17 ans 1/2. Cela fait 8 ans que je travaille avec les enfants en tant qu’Assistante Maternelle Agréée et stagiaire, et je suis heureuse de m‘intégrer à cette équipe afin de participer au développement et à l'autonomie de vos enfants. 

Sindy Reis - Enseignante pour la petite enfance


Diplomée en tant que Assistante Socio-Éducative, j'ai toujours été attirée par la pédagogie Montessori. Lors de ma formation, je l'ai d'ailleurs appliquée. Convaincue de cette façon d'enseigner, je n'ai pu constater que des effets positifs.

De nature patiente et à l'écoute, je souhaite participer au développement de vos enfants, de manière à ce qu'ils puissent évoluer à leur rythme tout en favorisant leur autonomie. 

Further passionate team members

Amy Reuter - Bus driver and the heart and soul of our school

Françoise Matzinger  - Garde in the morning and much more! We love her smile in the morning!



A special thanks to the Colonie de Vacances Saint-Gervais for offering us this beautiful campus

during the school year.


We invite you to read an article about us on from March 2018:


Since we announced the arrival of new management at the Deux Mille Feuilles Bilingual Montessori School in La Rippe nearly 2 years ago, the school has gone from strength to strength.  


Indeed only last year we reported on the special prize that the school received from the European Space Agency for a model the children had built of the International Space Station!


So successful has the concept been for 3 – 6 year olds, that the school is now set to open a new elementary class in August 2018 for 6 to 12 year olds that will follow the same Montessori principles as those in the younger years, but will still respect the Plan d’Etudes Romand (PER) for children attending school in this region.


Why a new class for 6 to 12 year olds?


When asked co-Director, Cornelia Tosch, why the school has decided to open a new class, she could hardly contain her excitement for the new project! She told us,


“I truly believe that a Montessori education is a wonderful gift as it is educating self-conscious, respectful, open-minded and flexible individuals who love to learn and are eager to come to school. For us, offering a 6-12 class is the natural path after the 3-6 classes. We do it for our children, for our parents and with all our passion, love and energy. When our children reach the age of 6, they always want to stay at our school - now they don’t have to leave!”


Citing examples from her own family life, Cornelia is clearly saddened by the experience of many children who appear more excited about their iPhones than the wonderful discoveries to be made in the world around them. In her opnion, children are imaginative explorers, and need to create and connect, as well as move physically and intellectually; she believes it is unnatural to ask kids to fit in a squared box that stifles their creativity and their natural thirst for learning as they are asked to sit still, and look for the teacher to decide what to study, and what to think! Is there an alternative solution for them, she wondered?


She continued, “As a psychologist I have learned a lot about pedagogical theories and, of course, Maria Montessori. This was the reason why I decided that my children should attend a Montessori school between the ages of 3 and 6. Originally, I assumed they would continue with a traditional school system where life was less about the free choices available to younger kids, and more about learning things like discipline and time-keeping. However, the more I have discovered about the Montessori system and about the way the class works, the more I am convinced that a Montessori education applies equally well to older kids, who really don’t need to be bombarded with intellectual facts and disturbed by bells the whole time.  The Montessori approach allows children to keep their interest and motivates them to be responsible for their own choices.”


She concluded, “I want to see our children come to school because they love to learn, to have sparkling eyes, to feel our love and passion to work with them, and to share all our enthusiasm about discovering this incredible world!”


Format of the new class

The new class will accommodate around 15 children in a separate classroom situated on the same campus as the younger years. The classroom will be completely refurbished and will receive a huge investment in new materials suitable for the older age group. It will take the form of an open space, where children can freely move, chose their work, how to work (together or by themselves) and where to work (on a single table, on a table for more children, or on the floor with special tables).


Two full-time AMI Montessori teachers trained to teach 6 to 12 year olds will be appointed, as well as a part-time teacher for German classes. You can see a sample weekly schedule below.

Cornelia commented, “In the elementary class, the children will learn to set their own goals, manage time, organize projects, and use a variety of resources. The program will give children basic learning skills, confidence, self-esteem, and appreciation of other cultures, and peaceful techniques for conflict resolution”.


Classes filling up fast

At the time of writing, there are still places available for the new 6-12 class, but as word gets out this may not last for long.  Having established such an excellent reputation in the region over the last two years, there are currently two classes scheduled to open in August for the 3 - 6 year age group, with 38 children registered and a waiting list now in place for new inscriptions.


You can find out more about Deux Mille Feuilles in the articles on and on their website at You can also get a better idea of the school routine, and other activities such as holiday camps and special workshops that are open to all children, regardless of whether they attend the school.


Deux Mille Feuilles Bilingual Montessori School

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