Learning goes beyond the classroom

Daily, we offer until 6 p.m. our inspiring parascolaire program including regularly-changing themes and presentations, STEM-inspired experiments, free playtime and the discovery of nature, in each of its seasons.


We also offer our children regular additional activities / ateliers with selected and quality external providers, such as the football classes, coding workshops and more.  We want to make sure that your child can follow his/her interests while sparing you having to drive around from one activity to the next. 


Special single interventions such as an emotion workshop and our holiday camps are rounding up our offer for your child - and for you! 

Want to learn more about our programm in the parascolaire?


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We offer additional weekly activities in the afternoon open to all children such as soccer classes, robot workshops and more:


Join us for further workshops or special ateliers for children but as well for parents!



"Explorer", "Treasures of the blooming nature", "Elves, dwarfs and the fairytale forest" - we love our holiday camps. Click here for more information: