We are happy to offer you the following extra-curricular activities that are also open to children who are not registered at our school.

Coding / Robot class

We are very happy to offer you a 6 weeks coding workshop from May 2019 on.


  • Thursdays from 15h30-16h30: age group 3-6 yrs.
  • Thursdays from 16h30-17h30: age group 6-9 yrs.

(Thursday 2nd May, 9th May, 23rd May, 13th June, 20th June, 27th June). 


Why the interest in coding and robots? As you know, we are convinced not to use tablets in our class rooms but to work face to face and with paper J Nevertheless we consider it as important to understand how computers work and especially what the logic is behind. It will prepare our children for the future and its changing work environment.

Coding helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. It drives innovation and allows our children to be creative, build confidence in themselves and use robots in a meaningful way. 



The class will be held by Caz Barnes who has a more than 10 years’ experience to teach students coding and using robots at the international schools in the area.




Soccer class!

Soccer classes are provided by Intersoccer, a specialist in soccer classes and camps. Mini Soccer Courses are great & fun introduction to Soccer for Boys & Girls from 3 to 9 years old. First Aid & Qualified coaches are providing professional activities:


  • Basic soccer skills & techniques coached
  • Lots of fun games before progressing to small-sided matches developing confidence & ball technique
  • Great Coaching Topics each week designed for younger children
  • Team building, basic laws of the game & sportsmanship are encouraged
  • All courses are bilingual (English/French)
  • Friendly & safe football environment


A perfect opportunity to help build confidence & spend time with their friends! The classes will be designed for the different age groups and lasts 1 hour.

The class is held on Mondays from 15h15-16h15 (3-5 yrs) at the school's soccer court. Please kindly note that the class will not take place during the school holidays of the canton Vaud.

You can register your child here:


Please do not hesitate to contact us or the team of Intersoccer for further questions.


Judo class


« Le judo possède un code moral : le respect, la politesse, le courage, la sincérité, le contrôle de soi, l’honneur, la modestie et l’amitié. »


This class gives your child a first introduction to Judo taught in a playful way suitable for children.

We are working together with Christian Flippe from Ecole de Judo. 

The class is held on Tuesdays from 15h15-16h15 in the school’s gym room (Route des Bois 2, 1278 La Rippe, Building “Timenovitch”). Please kindly note that the class will not take place during the school holidays of the canton Vaud.

The price for the class is 750 CHF for the whole year. Once registered, children can go to as many classes as they like.

You can register throughout the year (subject to availability). All fees are to be paid directly to M. Christian Flippe de l'Ecole de Judo. You can register your child here:


Please do not hesitate to contact us or the team of Ecole de Judo for further questions.


Yoga class

Dance initiation class


The Dance class will be every Friday from 15h30-16h15 for the little ones (3-5 yrs.) and from 16h15-17h00 for the older ones (6-9 yrs.)* in the school's Gym room (Routes des Bois 2, La Rippe, Building Timenovitch). 


"In the dance initiation classe I propose to the child different activities that can "put him in motion". He discovers his own body, his abilities and possibilities. It develops a consciousness of space. With the support of music, he experiences rhythm, can let his creativity flow and share it with others. His movements will be fluent and harmonious over the whole time."


The class will be held by Chiara Lollo in French. She speaks English and Italian as well and has lots of experience to work with children. She is dance teacher and has a special training "dance for the little ones". 


Costs are 470 CHF for the whole school year.

Prices per term: 217 CHF for the first term until Christmas, 150 CHF for the 2nd and 3rd term.

Don't miss it and inscribe now to the class or to a trail class here.


* Please note, that the class is limited to 12 children. In the case of less than 5 children inscribed the two seperate classes will be combined to one class.