Welcome to an enchanting place of multilingual Montessori learning at the heart of nature.

We believe in teaching new skills in a child-centered way. We provide space for discovery and for opening up to others. Operated by parents and fueled by a strong sense of community our school provides highest quality Montessori education for children aged 3 to 12, a full immersion (English & French) for the younger age group, a trilingual approach (English, French and German) for the older age group, freshly-prepared meals, full-day care and free scheduled transportation.

Quality Montessori education

"Help me do it by myself." Our experienced AMI Montessori certified teachers create an inspiring atmosphere of learning to unfold the strength of every child.


Natural language acquisition

I the 3-6 age group, children alternate between one week full-immersion in a French classroom, with French Montessori equipment and French teachers, with one week full-immersion in an English classroom, with English Montessori equipment and English teachers. Find out more.

In the older age group from 6-12, children are in daily contact with French and English. In addition, they will be exposed to German. Find out more

STEM inspired after school care

Learning goes beyond the classroom. During the after-school care, our children playfully explore STEM inspired themes. This includes observations and scientific experiments to understand the world around them.

Stress-free parent experience

We provide an inspiring experience to our students but just as importantly we ensure a stress-free experience for you as parents. Free scheduled transportation to Nyon and surrounding communities, full-day care and personal communication are at the heart of our offer. We provide free before-school care as of 7:45 and optional daily STEM themed after-school care until 18:00. Our teachers ensure that you are kept up to date on your child's activities and progress. Parents receive regular updates about the children's activities at school, useful information and pictures personally and through comprehensive reports in our parent app. The personal touch is very important to us, and the small size of the school makes it possible to react flexibly to your needs.



Situated on the foothills of the Jura mountains in La Rippe, our children enjoy a campus in a uniquely idyllic setting. The large tree-shaded park serves as a daily play and discovery area. We take regular walks through the fields and forest in the immediate surroundings of the school. And when windows are open in the airy class rooms, the children can hear the sound of a gently flowing creek.


Nyon and Coppet are a mere 10 minutes away.

Before and after school care

We provide full-day care from 7:45 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday. 

Free-of-charge bus service

We provide free scheduled transportation to Nyon and the surrounding communities depending on availabilities.

Healthy and freshly prepared meals

We provide healthy quality meals that are freshly prepared on site every day.

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