At our Montessori school we offer you two classes for the age group 3-6 years and currently one classroom for the age group 6-9 years that will gradually grow into a classroom for the age group 6-12 years.

Classes 3-6 yrs.

"Help me to do it by myself"


This educational theory and guiding principle of Maria Montessori forms the basis of our work. The team helps to unfold the strengths and talents of each individual child with affection and skill.

Class 6-12 yrs.

Our school offers the possibility to continue with the Montessori journey beyond six: our prepared elementary class room is an invitation and a response to the needs of the second plane child’s emerging personality. We want to nurture the curiosity of the child and keep his natural love of exploring and learning.


Our school is open every day.

We provide free before-school care as of 7:30 and optional themed after-school care daily until 18:00.