By Alexandra Trippens (équipe 6-12)


Post written by Layth, Clémence F, Anaïs and Elisa


Anais, Clémence F, Layth, Elisa, Zoé, Charlotte and Rio have started a correspondence with children from another Montessori school. 


The children are all between 8-11 years old. 


We write how old we are and what class we are in.
Whether we play an instrument or not.
What is our favorite color.
What is our favorite animal.
What hobbies do we have.
Where do we live.

Which school subject we like.
What is our favorite subject.
About siblings, animals, country, friends.
Whether we do a sport.
What we love to eat. What we don't like to eat.

What language we speak at home.

Our favorite music and which book we are currently reading.

Where we like to go on vacation and whether we like nature.


We also asked a lot of questions.


We really enjoy this correspondence and we would like to keep in touch.