Tomatis Method: Listening and learning

Following our “TOMATIS Method” conference in March at Ecole Montessori Deux Mille Feuilles, the Tomatis team is sharing a brief summary of the method with us:


Listening and Learning

Correct listening is an essential resource for learning. Listening means attention, understanding and information integration. 

Listening Pedagogy is a very efficient way to support your child’s learning.

The behavior and learning capacity of your child is impacted when listening is deficient; concentration and memory rely on correct auditory processing.

Language and motor skill development are linked to listening ability.

Without well-structured listening, social relationships are disturbed. To optimise listening Dr. A Tomatis created a listening training apparatus to re-educate the human ear. Music and voice play and important rôle in stimulating the muscles of the middle ear.

Good news, hearing can be corrected. Intuition and creativity flourish when auditory processing is correct. Motivation and joy of learning are reawakened.

Additionally, learning a new language occurs twice as fast when the ear processes sound correctly. « The gift of language is simply the gift of listening ».

To get a bit more details:

The ear is the most powerful sensory integrator of the human body. More than 80% of the stimulation our brain receives comes from our ear. On one hand it has a major role in the cerebral stimulation of the brain, and on the other hand it has a positive action on the cerebral plasticity of the brain. This explains how it interacts in many fields of application. 

The Tomatis® Method is a complementary tool to most therapeutic or pedagogical support. It makes it possible to multiply the results obtained, and thus significantly reduce the duration of a traditional therapeutic or medical plan. It can be used at any age (children, adults or seniors) and it can be used for one’s personal development to help fight most difficulties and disorders.

The areas of application are: attention, learning, voice and language, emotion regulation, motor skills and coordination, autism spectrum disorders and personal development.

If interested by the method, you can find more on their website here



Alfred Tomatis

Alfred Tomatis was a Medical Doctor who devoted his life to studying the close relationship between the voice, the brain and the ear. His work has had a revolutionary impact on how an individual communicates with himself and others. 

A pioneer in the field of cognitive science, Alfred Tomatis leaves an indelible mark both with its discoveries and by his extraordinary personality. 

Today we measure the extent of his inheritance in the light of recent research on brain plasticity.